Sample Chapter

1st Quiet Time--Week 7

Tootsie Roll Tug-of-War

1 Corinthians 6:12 (NLT) You may say, “I am allowed to do anything.” But I [Paul] reply, “Not everything is good for you.” 

Sherry was overweight and had high blood pressure and diabetes. She loved God, and she loved her children, but she loved fried chicken and biscuits too. When the doctor told her that she needed to lose weight, she knew that he wasn’t saying that to be mean. He just wanted her to be healthy. And she knew that God wasn’t being mean when he allowed her sickness. She admitted that her diabetes and high blood pressure were probably caused from overeating, but she wasn’t ready to stop. Sherry and God were having a Tootsie Roll Tug-of-War.

Are you having a Tootsie Roll Tug-of-War with God? Take this little quiz to see if you are holding onto things God wants you to let go of. Check any statements that you agree with:

  • I know that certain foods trigger my cravings, but I’m not willing to limit them.

  • I know that nibbling and other types of eating trigger my cravings, but I’m not willing to quit.

  • I know that God will help me to change when I use the practical tips In my GBH program, but I’m not willing to try most of them.

  • I often make excuses to give myself “permission” to overeat.

  • I pretend that my weight isn’t much of a problem.

If you had one or more checks, you’re probably having a Tootsie Roll Tug-of-War with God. Like today’s verse says: God allows you to do anything you want, but some things aren’t good for you. Your Heavenly Father loves you, and wants you to become willing to give them up. He wants you to let go…and let him change you. Put down your “Tootsie Roll” and ask God to make you ready to change.

Lord, I admit that I have struggled too long with letting go and letting you have your way in me. Help me to stop holding onto anything that you want me to let go of. I know that you will love me no matter what I hold onto, but you want to fill my hands with awesome things that are good for me, and you can’t if I am clinging to foods and other things that aren’t. In Jesus’ name, amen.