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Step Forward series - There are 8 books in this weight-loss program—4 Participant’s Handbooks and 4 corresponding Leader’s Guides. Each unit is a 12-week Bible study. Start by purchasing the Unit 1 Participant’s Handbook and the Unit 1 Leader’s Guide (or check out the Special Offer and buy all 8 books for over 30% off the total price!). Learn many life changing weight-loss secrets in Unit 1, and if your group wants to continue, go on to Unit 2 for the second 12-week study. Many groups continue to use this program year after year!

From Worry to Worship - Spend just 10 minutes a day to learn how to stop worrying

From Worthless to Worthy - Discover how to overcome feelings of low self-esteem.

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Elise wrote to say this: “Thank you, thank you, thank you! Your book is one of the most helpful books I have ever read….”

Jill said, “It is absolutely incredible. In all the time I've been a Christian, I have never felt this close to God. I feel his power and grace daily now. I am in awe of how he is able to work in me and I'm grateful for your encouragement…”

Guillian wrote all the way from New Zealand to say, “Your books are helping me to build a closer relationship with God--a special bond that has not been there before. I look upon the Bible now with more awe and at the pages that now hold so much more than rules and laws. Those pages now display love and compassion, encouragement and support no matter what the trial or temptation.”

Leanne said, “I want you to know that your words have been an absolute blessing in my life.  I always felt like a hopeless cause!  Now after reading about your struggle I feel I can conquer my weight issues and become closer to my Lord in the process.”

Guiado por Él

Guiado por Él ya ha sido traducido al español. Es un estudio bíblico de 12 semanas que puedes hacer de manera individual o en un grupo.

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